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Hi I'm Amy! Just a girl who loves creating cute and unique memories for you!  Opal & Charm was founded on the simple idea of taking your typical old-school sleepover and elevating it to the next level, adding a simple yet luxurious vibe to it. Since starting in March of last year Tent Sleepovers and Tea Parties have turned into luxury picnics and cinema too. I’m a big dreamer with big ideas, a lover of making things pretty, a planner, crafter, and DIY’er at heart so creating Opal & Charm has made it so I can live my dream, play with new ideas, make things pretty, plan, craft, and DIY my heart out! I can't wait to create unforgettable and magical moments for you and your loved ones!

Explore our Packages and Add-Ons and get to booking your date! 

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